Our products supplied for use in industrial plants are mainly electric sliding contacts - carbon brushes, collecting segments, the slats of pumps and products of carbon for mechanical applications such as e.g. graphite components for aluminium processing (rotors, shafts, graphite rings) and then graphite for EDM.

Carbon brushes for industrial applications

We produce them according to customer specifications for:

  • commutator DC and AC engines and generators
  • all synchronous machines (turbo-generators, hydro generators, compensators, synchronous engines)
  • ring asynchronous engines

The most commonly used materials are electro graphite, metal-graphite, as well as natural graphite from the German manufacturer SGL Carbon Group (Ringsdorff Bonn). Part of the service is not only the operation analysis of equipment, design of suitable material, but also evaluation of its behaviour after deployment and any subsequent optimization.

Graphite parts for aluminium processing

are products of our parent company Gerken SA and our company provides their sales and technical service. There are both standardized parts for serial devices, and also parts made to order. The biggest advantages are their own, for this application specially developed high-performance materials with superior durability in this particular environment.

Graphite for EDM

We supply graphite for EDM from reputable manufacturers. We are able to supply graphite  in blocks but also cut it according to customer requirements.