Sales conditions


  1. The present general conditions are applicable by excluding every other, except contrary written agreement between both parties. 

    The customer shall not be allowed to invoke other general conditions or contractual arrangement which would not have expressly excluded the present general conditions of sales. 
  2. Unless otherwise indicated, shipment and delivery are always at the addressee's own risk; the goods are delivered ex-Works.  The carriage is at the customer's expenses. 
  3. Orders can be cancelled only with written agreement of both parties. 
  4. CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. does not take on any responsibility in case of nondelivery or delay in the delivery following force majeure or accidental case beyond our control. 

    The delivery times are only mentioned as guideline and no compensation can be asked for to CZ-Carbon Products s.r.o for eventual delay in the delivery. 

    Any complaint relating to the delivery of the goods must be introduced within 15 days after delivery. 

    Should the customer demonstrate that the goods show defect or have a manufacturing hidden fault, the guarantee of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. is strictly limited to the supply of identical or similar parts to replace the pieces of which the customer should prove such defect or manufacturing fault. 

    Parties expressly agree that the responsibility of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. is strictly limited to the replacement of the defective parts and, so in any way strictly limited to the value of the defective parts. 

    Customer undertakes not to ask for any other indemnity whatever the reason may be, and notably for loss of production, loss of benefit, loss of use or of an opportunity to conclude or every resulting, economic, direct or indirect damage, whatever it may be. 

    In any case, parties expressly agree that the limit of the intervention of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. cannot exceed the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy insurance nr 2101027 taken out by.
    CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o.  and being an integral part of the present general conditions of sales.  Copy of this insurance policy will be delivered to the customer on request. 
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, every invoice of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. is payable at the latest within 30 days after date of invoice. 
  6. CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. reserve the right to suspend every delivery to the customer if he is noticed to be late paying his bills. 

    The nonpayment of an invoice of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. at the due date shall cause, by rights, the payment of a indemnity for damage.  The indemnity shall be fixed as basic by both parties to a sum of 10 % of the invoice amount; moreover, unpaid amounts will be increased by an interest at the legal rate applicable in Belgium, from the due date of the invoice until the complete payment. 

    The delivered goods remain the exclusive property of CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o. until the complete payment. 
  7. Only court of Pilsen will be competent for every disagreement that can happen between CZ-CARBON PRODUCTS s.r.o.  and its customer. 
  8. In case of disagreement, only English version of these General conditions of sales is applicable.