For rolling stock domain (locomotives, trams, metro) we manufacture and supply carbon brushes for traction engines, generators, grounding switches, or a variety of auxiliary engines. Our company also provides technical and sales support for carbon strips and collectors shoes of electric locomotives and trams, and grounding devices, which are produced by affiliated companies within the E-Carbon Group.

Carbon brushes

We produce carbon brushes tailored to different customer requirements of high-quality electro-graphite and metal-graphite materials from companies SGL Carbon (Ringdorff Bonn), Germany and E-Carbon America LLC (St. Mary's), USA.

Carbon strips and Pantographs

Carbon strips and Pantographs are produced by sister company PanTrac GmbH, Berlin, Germany, which specializes on self-supporting strips (pantographs) of power units of trains and trams. Part of the high-tech solution is adaptability of the strips to systems ADD (Automatic dropping device) to ensure greater operating safety. These market leading products in the area are appreciated by many railway companies from all around the world. There is a very wide variety of materials comprising pure carbon, and several variations of metal carbonated carbons.

Grounding devices

Grounding devices are developed and manufactured by Gerken SA, Petit-Rechain, Belgium. Basis of this offer are axial grounding devices for modern rail vehicles using their own, for this purpose specially developed carbon materials.